Help for students to finance their Christian education

Rising tuition costs have made earning a college education an increasingly intimidating expense – and the reputation that many private Christian schools have of a naturally high tuition further alienates such an education from students’ thoughts.  Many students are unaware of their options when it comes to financing tuition costs, especially as it pertains to a Christian education.

Taking a step to alleviate this obstacle, has created a series of open-use guides to financial aid & scholarship opportunities for students, offering pertinent information on federal aid, state aid, private scholarships, and more

You can take a look at this series below:

Financial Aid & Scholarships –

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Minority Students –

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Military & Veterans  –

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Point of Contact:
Natalie Baker |
Outreach Coordinator |
PO Box 524314 | Houston, TX 77052 is an interdenominational, nonpartisan organization connecting students with Bible and Christian universities that fit their needs through in-depth academic, financial aid, and college life resources.






Health Fair Information Assistance

For church health services or community outreach or nursing ministry leadership

Is your church planning a health fair and in need of information about:

     *Caring for the caregiver

     *In-home resources

     *Home health services

     *Hospice services

     *End of life care

Bonnie Draper, RN (Faith Community Nurse), a member of  Landover Hills Baptist Church, and a nurse at Heartland Hospice is offering her assistance to PGBA churches.

If you need information on any of the above areas or have a different question, feel free to contact her.  She wants to help you serve your church and community.

Please don’t hesitate to call her on her work cell, 301-693-3587, if you desire her assistance.